X-mas challenge 12

I am one day late so just one quickie…

If you are a woman and wanting and longing for your man to step up and dominate you, be patient.

Create a vacum

Sit on your hands, don’t call or text…he needs to get a chance to step up

Just be patient and wait

Take care of your self while waiting

And of course when he starts to take the lead, just follow, don’t criticize

good luck

X-mas challenge 11

Get out of your comfort zone

Step out off your routines and do something that either scares you or make you feel discomfort.

It will help you expand your inner garden and stretch your limits, and make you grow from inside.

X-mas challenge

Let your dreams come true!

One of my tantrateachers use to say if one man can walk on the moon, everyone can, it just takes more time, training, and other resources.

Another one use to say fulfill your dreams and fantasies, there is a lot of information behind, and of course energy.

So, people, what do you dream about? What fantasies do you have? How can you fulfill them?

X-mas challenge 9

What the hell is dominance?

For me it’s guidance, leadership, energy, power, intention, thought, love, presence etC

Its an intention to move somebody from a to b inside them self, it’s a journey and an experience.

So what to you think it is, what do you feel when you think about dominance?

X-mas challenge 8

Dare to surrender

In my workshops I use to ask, who do you surrender to? Even the most dominant person use to find someone. It takes a lot of guts and trust to deeply surrender. But hey what a reward that usually comes with it. So what is stopping u today to surrender? What do you need to feel safe enough? Find a big yes, and jump!

X-mas challenge 7

How to find your boundaries and to keep them or remove them.

If you see your self as a house with a garden, there is always different rules for different people how close you let them. Some people just passing by without even care about you and your house. Some you talk with over the fence, when you get the mail from the mailbox. There are people you invite to garden parties and some you talk with in your kitchen. Some people stay in your guestroom and some can sleep in your bed. Are you sure you have the right people at the right place. There might be people in your bed you want to throw out and vice versa, think if there are people passing by and you don’t even notice them. Look up today and invite a stranger into your life. It could be a smile or for coffee, or more. It’s your choice!

X-mas challenge 6

Today I went to one of the most open churches in Stockholm, allhelgonamässan. A friend of mine have died of cancer this week and friends where singing to her memory. I cried a lot, tears constantly kept pouring…

So tonights challenge is about, how transparent and open do you dare to be among people? Can you cry your eyes out? Ca you laugh laud on the movies or at the wrong places? Can you be your true self in every situation, and do you know who you are?

X-mas challenge 5

How do you know if you have a feminine or masculine core? (If you don’t know what I mean by that, read more about David Deida, Google or Youtube)

There is a quick answer or you can go into long stories… Do you prefer to be fucked or to you prefer to fuck? Are you the one on top or at the bottom? Could be transferred to are you dominant or submissive according to sex?

Think about that before you go to bed tonight…

X-mad challenge 4

How present do you dare to be?

Are you that kind of person that turn off the light before you go to bed with someone? Or are you able to be totally present and look in to your lovers eyes all the time?

For this weekend I challenge you to stay even more present and have your eyes more open. Think about how you could support and serve your partner with your presence. How much more do you dare to share of your self with your lover? Can you stand his or her all emotions, feelings and movements?

Go for it!!!

X-mas challenge 3

Are you happy with your lover or boss?

Many friends of mine complain over their boss, he or she is doing that and not doing this… Sounds familiar?

If it would been a lover you would break up, wouldn’t you? Or at least try to solve the problem.

I once told a friend you have to make a choice, be submissive to your boss or quit.

This is your challenge to day, maybe not to quit, but think about the situation you are in, are you submissive and in true acceptance of the situation? Or do you have an inner complainer keep nagging? Is it time to move on at work or in the relationship?