Steam it up in the summerheat

Just a quick blogpost about how to turn up the volume on your play. How do you normaly play out of fear or love? Are you afraid of being or playing to much or to little. I think its a huge difference. How long do you dare to go, how far can you push your submissive? I just got feedback that I managed to stretch his limits and play on the edge without the play to turn into yellow or red. So how did i do that? Here are some tips how to dare to go a bit further:
1. Stay present your self, be there the whole time, thats so fucking important dont play if you cant stay present.
2. Force your sub to breath, notice every shift in the breathing and follow the rythm when you play. I always follow the breathing and read my submissive that way.
3. You also must know how strong your are your self. Every hit with the tool must be with precision. Before you give the last hit in that round you must be sure it is that hit.
4. In the beginning give a bit less than he or she wants to build trust. When there is trust you both can go as long as you want.
So do you dare to play a bit more, a bit deeper, a bit closer, a bit more intense? Steam it up in the summerheat!

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