X-mas challenge 7

How to find your boundaries and to keep them or remove them.

If you see your self as a house with a garden, there is always different rules for different people how close you let them. Some people just passing by without even care about you and your house. Some you talk with over the fence, when you get the mail from the mailbox. There are people you invite to garden parties and some you talk with in your kitchen. Some people stay in your guestroom and some can sleep in your bed. Are you sure you have the right people at the right place. There might be people in your bed you want to throw out and vice versa, think if there are people passing by and you don’t even notice them. Look up today and invite a stranger into your life. It could be a smile or for coffee, or more. It’s your choice!

Importance of living in xtasy – life and death!!!

IMG_4327Sorry for not posting so much on the blog…Been busy exploring life and death. This summer I followed my mother that died from cancer. And now I am following a dear friend on the same journey. This kind of process really shows me that I am greatfull beyond words from my BDSM and tantric journey.

Learning to live and explore xtasy and deep feelings and emotions have prepared me for this. Even though you really cant prepare because every deathjourney is unique. What I do to survive in this and even learn from it is really trying to find xtasy and play with energy and God as much as I can. Trying to stay present no matter what…and expressing my gratitude for everyting that is good.

If you are curious about what I do and how I do it, try a session with me.  Are you afraid of death are you afraid of life!!!


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