miniworkshop – Life in xtas!

Saturday I gave a workshop – live life more in xtas! It was just a small miniworkshop as a teaser to my workshop Pain and Pleasure. In the morning I went to the store to buy toys for the workshop, Clothpins and flywhips for everyone. I like more to play with things that are not connected to the BDSM world, to make it more undramatic. When I was supposed to pay – the cashier – ohh so many are they for spanking??? Its apparently that obvious…I didnt really answer…

Well at the center where I work – there was a nice group with curious people – wanting to explore more about this fun topic. We worked with energy, polarity…leading and following and some pain and presence training, and finished up with putting all the men in a circle – supporting each other, while the women danced around giving the a hard time with the whips. Everybody had a good time – so all people out there – play more!!!


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