X-mas challenge 9

What the hell is dominance?

For me it’s guidance, leadership, energy, power, intention, thought, love, presence etC

Its an intention to move somebody from a to b inside them self, it’s a journey and an experience.

So what to you think it is, what do you feel when you think about dominance?

X-mas challenge 3

Are you happy with your lover or boss?

Many friends of mine complain over their boss, he or she is doing that and not doing this… Sounds familiar?

If it would been a lover you would break up, wouldn’t you? Or at least try to solve the problem.

I once told a friend you have to make a choice, be submissive to your boss or quit.

This is your challenge to day, maybe not to quit, but think about the situation you are in, are you submissive and in true acceptance of the situation? Or do you have an inner complainer keep nagging? Is it time to move on at work or in the relationship?

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