X-mas challenge 5

How do you know if you have a feminine or masculine core? (If you don’t know what I mean by that, read more about David Deida, Google or Youtube)

There is a quick answer or you can go into long stories… Do you prefer to be fucked or to you prefer to fuck? Are you the one on top or at the bottom? Could be transferred to are you dominant or submissive according to sex?

Think about that before you go to bed tonight…

X-mas challenge 2

Submissive or weak? Codewords rules!

Many people outside the BDSM community often make a similarity between weakness and submissive. We with some insights know for sure this is completely wrong.

As dominant you can’t continue play when your submissive don’t want any more, that would be rape or abuse. As submissive you are always free to use the codeword agreed upon. Is that even possible in daily life? Think if we at the workplace tomorrow would start say Yellow or Red? How would your workplace work if you start to use codewords instead of complaining?

Everybody is submissive to someone!

I have lately been experimenting with a lot of switching for my self. During the same evening and weekends going back and forth all the time. Many people in this world point out that you are a special role. As if I am dominant and You are submissive. For me its not like that there are different energies and flavours that you more or less could embrace and play with. Dance with if you dare to.

In my workshops I use to say that run as fast as u can if somebody say that they ”Are Dominant”. And I ask them about their ordinary life, their job etc. Everybody is submissive to someone. Even if u are a CEO of a big company, You report to the board and are submissive to your clients and shareholders. So take a moment and get out of the dungeon or the bedroom and think about who are You submissive to? What qualities do that person have? How do they act and how do they behave? There you have the qualities that you can use as Dominant in your BDSM play!

If you like to practice more on this, bring your partner and we can train together – I give couplesessions where I train and coach you in dominating and spanking eachother.

Enjoy the summernights, play more!//Sofia


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