X-mas challenge 9

What the hell is dominance?

For me it’s guidance, leadership, energy, power, intention, thought, love, presence etC

Its an intention to move somebody from a to b inside them self, it’s a journey and an experience.

So what to you think it is, what do you feel when you think about dominance?

Yes – a Dominaworkshop coming up 19th of Sept

20150804_110316As Dominatrix I meet many submissive men longing for their women dare to dominate them. This workshop is about that…

Get the courage to give pain but also more erotic domination. Many men find their masculine and dominant side through their feminine or submissive side, would not it be cool to meet your partner in this?

During this workshop you will get to practice to find your Domina thorough your feminine and inner power.
Through a variety of practical exercises, we appeal to Dominan in you and strengthen her.
You also get to practice and learn to spank with different tools.
We will also talk and share tips and tricks and some teaching of course.

The workshop is suitable for all sexual preferences – you dont have to dominate a man …

Sofia is used to leading groups and allways create a safe space. Said about this workshop “, she leads naturally”, “extremely instructive,” “Now I’m going home and practicing.”

Refreshments and fruit will be served during the breaks.

Price SEK 750 is paid against an invoice before the course starts.

Application by 10 Sept to info@xtas.nu – only here is not enough. Limited number of participants so do not hesitate sign up as soon as possible!

Warmly welcome // Sofia

Everybody is submissive to someone!

I have lately been experimenting with a lot of switching for my self. During the same evening and weekends going back and forth all the time. Many people in this world point out that you are a special role. As if I am dominant and You are submissive. For me its not like that there are different energies and flavours that you more or less could embrace and play with. Dance with if you dare to.

In my workshops I use to say that run as fast as u can if somebody say that they ”Are Dominant”. And I ask them about their ordinary life, their job etc. Everybody is submissive to someone. Even if u are a CEO of a big company, You report to the board and are submissive to your clients and shareholders. So take a moment and get out of the dungeon or the bedroom and think about who are You submissive to? What qualities do that person have? How do they act and how do they behave? There you have the qualities that you can use as Dominant in your BDSM play!

If you like to practice more on this, bring your partner and we can train together – I give couplesessions where I train and coach you in dominating and spanking eachother.

Enjoy the summernights, play more!//Sofia


Slave or Submissive?

Are you submissive or a slave?

Many people contact me and ask if I need a slave. The slave concept is for me very outdated it smells old days. The name slave reminds me about the movie Rötter and its very much connected to the black freedom movement. And stil today we have slavetrade but we call it trafficking.

The word submissive is for me more tasty. Its more power in the word as well. When I play with someone I expect them to be my human equal but in the play we set some rules that he or she is submissive to me. During years of playing I have also come to the knowledge that all the power is in the hands of the submissive. He or she is the one that decides if to play more or less. They set the boundaries and if the submissive have a bad day there isn’t much play that day.

Of course its just a way of creating polarity that we use this kinds of words, but isn’t the energy there and the polarity can be made without you being the slave and I being the Mistress we might not dare to play.

So if you like to play with me I am quite sure you wont be my slave the first times that I promise you, but I promise If you book a session I will sure make you my submissive. On the other hand its about energy and playfullness anyway.Nacke

Do you dare to play???

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