As many of u know I am totally open with what I do. Some people like what I say and some don’t. Your kink is your kink and my kink is my kink. And I totally respect your integrity and if you like to be anonymous about your lifestyle. That’s what I like in this context. But stil I got some feedback after this interview on national TV. But as u know when u get your 5 minutes of fame – its all about to don’t stop talking….

In the future I will post some short videos here about how I see it and what I think about BDSM, TANTRA and life in general. Because for me its all a part of life I cant live without.

But till then here I am.

Have a nice presummer//Sofia

Slave or Submissive?

Are you submissive or a slave?

Many people contact me and ask if I need a slave. The slave concept is for me very outdated it smells old days. The name slave reminds me about the movie Rötter and its very much connected to the black freedom movement. And stil today we have slavetrade but we call it trafficking.

The word submissive is for me more tasty. Its more power in the word as well. When I play with someone I expect them to be my human equal but in the play we set some rules that he or she is submissive to me. During years of playing I have also come to the knowledge that all the power is in the hands of the submissive. He or she is the one that decides if to play more or less. They set the boundaries and if the submissive have a bad day there isn’t much play that day.

Of course its just a way of creating polarity that we use this kinds of words, but isn’t the energy there and the polarity can be made without you being the slave and I being the Mistress we might not dare to play.

So if you like to play with me I am quite sure you wont be my slave the first times that I promise you, but I promise If you book a session I will sure make you my submissive. On the other hand its about energy and playfullness anyway.Nacke

Do you dare to play???

Why BDSM? My top ten!

  1. Because it makes you feel more juicy, vibrante and alive!
  2. Because its all about fun! Its just a game and the tools in BDSM is very usefull sometimes if you like to play.
  3. To get more present when you are too much in your brain.
  4. When I first discovered that pain could be pleasure I thought I was crazy, but now I know I am not. For me playing with the BDSM tools all is about getting more into my body and and get more I touch with my self.
  5. Just because you are afraid of it it might be the way for you – do you dare to try?
  6. It’s a perfect tool to create polarity with.
  7. To live out and play with your fantasies.
  8. It’s a perfect way of active meditation – when going into subspace or domspace – the whole world stops spinning for a while and it becomes silent in my head.
  9. To get more horny and have a more fun sexlife
  10. Why not? Try and see if you like it!

So are You ready to start? Do You dare?



Sofia Cerne vurmar för det feminina perspektivet där hon snabbt känner in vad som behöver göras. Hon har mångårig erfarenhet som diplomerad coach och har lett många grupper. Sin version av tantrisk massage kallar hon Xtasmassage kan du läsa om här.

Hon driver Xtas för att du ska hitta mer extas och tantrisk energi i ditt liv. Hon ger framför allt privatsessioner på egen hand och tillsammans med andra. Hon har många ledarskaps- och personlig utvecklingskurser med sig i bagaget. Massagen har hon lärt sig på många tantrakurser och är även inspirerad av både Thai- och Auyrvediskmassage.

Bland favoritinspiratörer kan nämnas Barbara Carellas , Johan Ekenberg, David Deida, Alex Vartman.

Den eviga coachen är min nu döda mamma, främsta förebild mormor som uppmanade henne vara  själv, vänner och bekanta och kollegor som finns på Darkside med fler online forum.

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